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    Articles by J Mina Rios Portfolio via Muck Rack MiNAPRESS Column MinaCommUnity Column (Coming Soon) Made Local Magazine May/June 2022 Issue Sonoma Magazine July/Aug 2018 Issue Pacific Sun, Marin County December 2015 Alternative News Weekly North Bay Bohemian March 2015 Issue Alternative News Weekly The San Diego Reader Alternative News Weekly In Dance, San Francisco. A Dancers' Group publication. Dance For You Magazine, Erding, Bavaria, Germany Nov/Dec 2012 Issue Dance International Magazine, Vancouver, B.C., Canada Performance REVIEW: Complexions Contemporary Ballet, San Diego, CA Dance Life blog for The Espresso, San Diego's Coffeehouse and Cafe Newspaper, Publisher John Rippo formerly formerly formerly formerly, New York, NY, Publisher Robert Abrams San Diego Performer Magazine Jan/Feb 2009 Issue Making It Big Time featuring swing band Big Time Operator (BTO) Dance San Diego Magazine Dancer Magazine; Miami, FL and New York, NY; Publisher Owen Goldman, New York, NY

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    CLIENTS Founded in 1991 by Robin Sherertz Morgan ​ Consulting Services Rendered in 2007 - 2012: Advertising, Public Relations, Grant Writing ​ Payment Portal

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    AFFILIATES Invest via E*TRADE. Get rewarded with this referral.

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    ABOUT Mina Communications serves as a voice for the arts, the climate crisis, and more - by writing and publishing stimulating, under-reported content; and as a facilitator of Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and Grant Writing services for arts, non-profit, hospitality, and other underserved business ventures with limited resources. Background Founded by freelance journalist and consultant Jasmine Rios, Mina by trade, Mina Communications was established in 2007 with the initial focus on providing the underserved San Diego arts community with solutions to their communications service needs. Having worked in a variety of communications business settings over the decade prior - from a corporate marketing department to two advertising agencies and two publishers - Mina Communications would serve as an independent facilitator of Public Relations, Marketing , Advertising , and Grant Writing services for local artists and arts organizations with staffing and budget limitations. During the company's first year of operation, Rios also found opportunity in freelance writing with the national publication Dancer Magazine - the motivation behind Mina Communications' decision to expand its service offerings beyond the local San Diego arts community. Furthering her artistic range in arts news writing, Rios exercised her knowledge of cuisine by writing for and from 2009 - 2011 (now, while also gaining momentum in international dance news writing in 2011 with the Vancouver, Canada based Dance International Magazine ; followed by Erding, Germany's Dance For You Magazine in 2012. That same year (2012), Mina Communications relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where Rios is originally from, to set up business operations in Sonoma Wine Country. ​ Mina Communications remains on the global radar to date - continuously expanding its client base while developing and reporting stimulating, under-reported content for a variety of print publications and online news platforms. ​ ​ ​ ​ Born and raised in San Francisco, Mina Rios found inspiration in the arts through film, live dance, music, and theater performance, and the local culinary experience. Rios opted to explore a variety of art forms during her youth beginning with the violin, followed by drama at the Performing Arts Workshop (PAW), and later dance. By age 14, Rios auditioned to attend the San Francisco School of the Arts High School (SOTA). She began her four year tenure at SOTA in Intermediate modern, ballet, jazz, and Afro-Cuban dance forms and went on to Advanced dance during her sophomore and junior years. As a senior, she advanced to the Dance Production class. Following High School, Rios trained at the San Francisco School of Ballet with the intension of simultaneously pursuing a BFA degree in dance at a university. Upon beginning her college experience - in 1988 - a time when dance majors were less common, the notion of pursuing a degree in dance was unpopular at home, as her elders maintained that a BFA in dance would be risky due to job uncertainty. Encouraged to consider other college majors, Rios was conflicted. While considering her options, Rios continued to dance on the side while attending the College of San Mateo. Before long, she found guidance from an unexpected source - an English professor who observed she had a knack for writing; ultimately advising she consider journalism. To this end, Rios transferred to the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at San Jose State University - considered one of the strongest departments of its kind in the state - at the time. Choosing a communications concentration prompted an in-depth exploration of course work in news writing and editing, media ethics and libel law, marketing, and public relations. Once Rios learned that career opportunities in advertising were plentiful, she solidified her objective. As an advertising major, with a minor in humanities, Rios studied copywriting, broadcast media advertising, retail advertising, and business to business advertising; thus excelling in the senior ad campaign class and competition in which Rios served as copywriter and a campaign presenter for the winning Ad Campaign team - Kenton Lane - during the 1997 SJSU advertising department competition. ​ While attending college, Rios also met her husband, a fellow SJSU Alumni, during which they had two children before Rios graduated from San Jose State University in 1997. From 1997 - 1998, Rios worked at Metro Newspapers in San Jose until she and her husband relocated to San Diego to raise their family. Rios worked in a variety of San Diego based communications business settings starting with the Marketing Department at Charlotte-Russe Corporate Headquarters in 1998, followed by Cordero & Davenport Advertising, Davis Marketing, Elsevier (a global publisher), and the California Ballet's PR, Marketing, and Ticketing Services department through 2006. Beginning in January 2007, Rios established Mina Communications - becoming the sole proprietor of her own consulting business; while also launching her career in arts news writing. ​ In June 2022, Mina Rios attended the Cl imate Reality Project (CRP) Leadership Corps Training in Las Vegas, NV - led by former Vice President Al Gore. Becoming a Climate Leader at the 2022 Las Vegas Corps Training falls among Rios's foremost personal and professional achievements. This life-changing experience inspired Rios to contribute toward bringing vital environmental information to readership around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond - to create an ongoing dialogue, increase participation in sustainable practices, and reduce the region's carbon footprint. Climate news coverage will appear on the MinaCommunity blog page (coming soon) and other sources to be announced. To learn more about the Climate Reality Project, visit web links posted below. The Founder

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    SERVICES MARKETING Focus Groups Surveys Media List Generation Social Media Account Management ADVERTISING Copywriting Account Management Performance Program Advertising Media Buying PUBLIC RELATIONS Case Study Research/Documentation Campaign Research/Planning/Execution Public/ Media Outreach Newsletter and Press Release Generation ​ ​ GRANT WRITING Specializing in Grant proposals in the following program areas (preferred by most funding sources): Scholarships Workshops Collaborations Educational Outreach ​ Grant Acquisition History Client: San Diego Ballet (from 2007 - 2012) California Arts Council J.P. Morgan Chase Masserini & French Charitable Trust Sempra Energy ​ Other Grant Pursuits Client: Santa Rosa Salsa Productions Sought funding in July 2018 from for Pop Up Creativity project. ​ The Proposed Project: The Santa Rosa Day of Dance was a newly developed public outreach movement aimed at empowering those living with depression through an invigorating dance experience that instills joy, connection, and hope. ​ ​ ADVOCACY AUGUST DANCE AWARENESS MONTH The ADAM Arts Initiative Established in 2008 by J. Mina Rios ADAM INITIATIVE MISSION To create more dialogue in local dance communities; educate the public about funding limitations; and stimulate year-round dance performance patronage. ​ SYNOPSIS Mina Communications launched the August Dance Awareness Month campaign/initiative (ADAM) in San Diego in 2008. Aimed at stimulating local interest in dance, Mina Communications partnered with Dance San Diego Magazine to create an open/ongoing dialogue with the local dance community and establish partnerships with neighboring businesses and non-profits to help strengthen campaign efforts. Inspired by Eveoke Dance Theatre's 3-day Celebrate Dance Festival (CDF), held each August in San Diego's Balboa Park, ADAM would become an extension of Eveoke's weekend event, whereby performances, workshops, dance film presentations, and mixers would be held throughout the month of August. The launch of ADAM was very well-received among local media, businesses, the dance community, and Congresswoman Susan Davis, who kindly provided a written endorsement for the ADAM campaign/initiative (shown below). If you would like to introduce the ADAM campaign/initiative to your arts community, please inquire. Call 619.851.3920 or email ​ 2008 CAMPAIGN PARTNERS Fiscal Receiver: Eveoke Dance Theatre IN-KIND DONORS/PARTNERS IN TRADE Border's Trader Joe's San Francisco Ballet The Garfield Theatre, JCC La Jolla NTC Promenade/Foundation Karate USA Solare Ristorante Liberty Station Hotels ​ CLIMATE REALITY PROJECT A Global Initiative founded by former Vice President Al Gore In association with the 2006 Academy Award winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth," followed by the 2017 documentary "An Inconvenient Sequel." Mina Rios, Climate Leader, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter SF Bay Area Chapter Member since 2021. Received Leadership Corps Training led by Mr. Gore in Las Vegas, NV from June 11-13, 2022. To learn more about the Climate Reality Project, click on the links posted below. ​ To follow the latest climate advocacy efforts by Climate Leader Mina Rios, subscribe here to the forthcoming MinaCommUnity Column.

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    Arts News & Consulting Services Stimulating Under-reported content | the Climate Crisis | and More About Click here Services Marketing Advertising Public Relations Grant Writing Advocacy Click here Clients San Diego Ballet Conducting Preparations Luscious Noise Duvall Productions Flamingo Resort Santa Rosa Salsa CANVAS Click here News Articles by J Mina Rios The MinaCommUnity Column TheMiNAPRESS Column Click here Multi-media Live Concerts Dance Performances MinaComm on Comic-Con Click here Affiliates E*Trade Dreamstime Apple Click here Contact By appointment Click here

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    CONTACT ​Mina Communications 1275 Fourth Street, #5065 Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Tel 619.851.3920 PST What brings you here? arrow&v Send Thanks for submitting!

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    Live Concerts | Comic-Con | Dance Performances |and more Multi-Media All Videos All Videos Reproducir video Compartir Canal completo Este video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copiar Enlace Enlace copiado Buscar video... Ahora en reproducción Radiohead-Jersey-AllPointsWest08-ThereThere.avi 01:02 Reproducir video Ahora en reproducción Yorke/Radiohead-Jersey-AllPointsWest080All I Need.avi 00:43 Reproducir video Ahora en reproducción Underworld-BornSlippy-AllPointsWest08.avi 01:30 Reproducir video MINA COMM on COMIC-CON Pro Bono Articles ​ Published 20 July 2017 "The wait is over: The king of Comic-Cons has arrived" by J Mina Rios ​ ​ by Jasmine (Mina) Rios "Memories of Comic-Con 2011" August 2011 "The 2011 Comic-Con Marathon Is On" July 2011 "Single-Day Pass Drama at Comic-Con" November 2010 "Facts Comic-Con Newcomers Should Know" April 2010 ​ ​

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    Crowdfunded book publishing efforts via InkShares Publishing . Waiting for Simone - a children's book by Mina Rios See the Music - A novel by Mina Rios. Details to come. Book Excerpt "Gabriella and her brother Andrew dreamed of having a dog their whole lives. Fueling this desire was the notion that everyone around them — all their friends and neighbors had dogs, and so it seemed." ABOUT "Waiting For Simone" Inspired by fond memories shared between a family and their beloved canine companion of 5 years, "Waiting For Simone" is a tribute to the family's Shepherd/Chow-Chow Simone, who sadly lost her life in 2010. In this first installment of the Simone Tails book series by Mina Rios, readers become acquainted with brother and sister Andrew and Gabriella, along with their parents, and their precious Simone. The story also serves as a commentary on responsible dog ownership and the importance of rescue center pet adoption. Following the publication of "Waiting For Simone" -- otherSimone Tails will include "Sneaky Simone" and "If Simone Could Fly" -- introducing readers to Simone's inherent silly-side, that made her the one of a kind character she was. See the Music - A novel by Mina Rios Details coming soon.

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